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Anti-epidemic record of Bitoner Resin

Date:2020-03-19 Hits: Author:百色源


          In January 2020, COVID-19 was entered to everyone's vision with lockdown of Wuhan.

          We have been through from calmness to deal with the emerging COVID-19 from the beginning to become worry and further fearful with the epidemic of COVID-19 and finally facilitate the resumption of work after the effective control of the spread. During the period, although not fighting with COVID-19 in the front line as medical staffs like angels, we still stand on our posts to play our roles. 

          The entire Chinese have spent the most depressed but warmest Spring Festival ever.


          On January 28, our group launched a fund-raising activity to purchase N95 masks and other medical materials and donated them for the need of hospital in epidemic areas. Meantime, we especially appreciate the efforts of our colleague Xiaoxiao from the Netherland branch who overcame all difficulties to place orders of medical masks directly from the factory and brought them to China with every second counts in the case of a shortage of masks in the shop.  


          Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the Spring Festival holiday was extended from February 3rd. Bitoner employees started to work from home and everyone was actively engaged in company activities, e.g. morning meetings, training courses and other daily work, which revealed personal sense of responsibility and mission at this critical moment. On February 7th, the management group made a comprehensive assessment over the virus situation. After an hour and a half of discussions, we decided to postpone the official work time again to February 13th, considering employee safety.


          On February 17th, COVID-19 broke out globally. In mid-March, our sales team made great efforts to buy medical masks and send them to our customers. 

          The culture of Bitoner Resin engraved in each of us. It is not just a few words posted on the wall, while it is our code of conduct indeed. We are always committed to work together with customers through thedifficult time.


Calming the Waves by SuShiis recited for all of you: 


Listen not to the rain beating against the trees.

Why don’t you slowly walk and chant at ease?

Better than saddled horse I like sandals and cane.

O I would fain

Spend a straw-cloaked life in mist and rain.

Drunken, I’m sobered by vernal wind shrill

And ratherchill in front, 

I see the slanting sun atop the hill;

Turning my head, I see the dreary beaten track.

Let me go back!

Impervious to wind, rain or shine, I’ll have my will.


Now the COVID-19 is still spreading, but we firmly believe that the cold winter will always pass away , and bright spring day will eventually come. We are not afraid of any difficulties because we have overcome countless difficulties during the past 15 years. This time we are convinced that we can pass through the virus smoothly!