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HB Group 15th Anniversary

Date:2020-08-13 Hits: Author:百色源


          HB Group organized the 15th anniversary celebration with the theme of “work together in past 15 years, go ahead for next century dream”, at Qingdao Holiday Inn on 24.07.2020.

          James, Hellen, Mary and Linda arrived early. They send our souvenir cups to each member and put on the 15th anniversary customized badge for each person.


          Before the conference, there was a loop video to show every member’s change since they joined the company. See the comparison, everyone cannot help but sigh that time goes so fast. Some people joined HB Group when they graduated from university, at the company, they has growing from ignorant youth to Iron Women and have been visiting most countries of the world; some people joking that more and more fat is their biggest change. But whatever time lapses , we never change our heart: we still have the passion and courage to challenge.


          During the meeting, there were seven members give the presentation to share their experience and feeling since joined the company. Everyone use their own way to accompany with HB Group. Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, the excellent talk seems to put everyone in their story. Same as HB Group never give up anyone. Our director, James, also took us through his entrepreneurial journey, looking backward,  it is so precious to keep the original intention.


          In order to celebrate 15th , all of our members play a video for our “mother”——HB Group. We even got some greet from our members’ families, consultants, overseas employees and customers. It is precisely because them as our solid backing, we could fight for a better future on the front. Thanks for everyone’s encourage.

          At this exciting moment today, Bitoner has two more “first time”. One is that Bitoner University was formally established and held its flag ceremony. The other is our group has its first retired employee and awarded her the Lifetime Achievement Award. It's like another cycle of “rebirth”. Along the way,Bitoner spent 15 years groping for each “first time” and our footsteps never stop! 

3.jpg          The conference finally held a grand award ceremony, awarded the Outstanding Staff Award, Long-sentiment Company Award,Innovation Award and so on. We also had a live video link with our overseas colleagues Jasmine.


          July 15th of this year is the 15th anniversary of the founding of the group. In order to celebrate the anniversary, we initially planned to go hiking in Xinjiang. But we changed our plan into a vigorous seaside hiking activity in consideration of the safety of all members. 

          Before departure, our group prepared a full set of sports clothes, sports shoes, sports towels, hats and material bags for each member. While ensuring everyone's safety, we set out in 8 teams and covered 15 kilometers together. All the way we cheered each other up and all the members only used half a day time to cover the whole distance from The Qingdao Stone Old Man Bath to the May 4th Square. At the end of the activity, the winning team will be selected and the team members will be rewarded with a buffet lunch. 

          Although at the end of the vigorous walking activity, everyone was obviously slow in pace and lack of physical strength,  no one wanted to give up. The captains carried the team flag from beginning to end and the pep guards kept leading their partners to hum the team song. The walking activity was just like what we had been doing all the way. It might be hard to forward and we would be short of physical strength, but as long as we kept working hard together, the difficulties and challenges seemed so insignificant. People together is called a party, and the heart together is called the team. Bitoner is a never-ending team, we have been working together for 15 years and marching into the future with high morale!