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Bitoner year-end summary conference of 2020

Date:2021-02-02 Hits: Author:百色源


        Rat year of Gengzi——Undoubtedly it was a catastrophic year for all mankind in the past 2020.

        The COVID-19 virus swept over the whole world, oil prices plunged to negative numbers, U.S. stocks triggered key circuit breaker 4 times within 10 days, exchange rates continued to fall, and shipping freight was at a historic low, etc.

        Within all of this, we witness one after another magnificent waves, one after another powerful and large-scale scenes.

        But this year has not affected our vigorous development of Bitonese, we made up for our shortages, we recruited new followers and enlarged our group.


        Suffering is short-lived, it cannot knock us down. Thorns are stinging, and it cannot make us retreat; Bitoner never forget why we started, go where we want to go bravelytake all the pains and thorns as stepping stones for our growth. And the majestic scenery on mountaintop is the best gift to us.

          On January 22, 2021, all members of the group dressed in formal attire and collectively attended our 2020 year-end summary meeting.

          Perhaps 2020 is the fifth anniversary celebration of the group, the meeting was completed in 8 am and it was planned in 8:30 am. It seems the winter can not stop our passion. This is HB Group people.


        The conference gradually begun after Mrs. Hellen’s opening speech. All employees reviewed this unforgettable year in the work summary reported by the management team; and shuttled the time with colleagues who shared their own growth history in the past, feeling their ups and downs and witnessing their every growing, inspired by their stories; Everyone genuinely happy for the new employees by listening to their gains and insights.


        The conference gradually kicked off at the opening of Hellen (the VP of Bitoner ), all employees reviewed this unforgettable year in the executive summary of the work; travelled through the past time with colleagues who share their growth experience, feeling their ups and downs, witnessing their transformation again and again, and being inspired by their stories; Listen to the new employee's gains and insights and heartily happy for them.


        Facing the era of VUCA, Bitonese have not forgotten original aspiration and continue to fulfill missions. Our vision drives us to deploy our troops in the depressed environment with infinite passion.


        The COVID epidemic was overwhelming at the beginning of the year 2020. Even though we could not be together face to face, we had a different way and connected online every day, looking forward to the smiling faces that appeared on time. We encouraged each other, trained and learned together and made full preparations for the greater challenges in the future.


        The establishment of HB College is a deeper transmission of our vision and mission.

        Is it hard? Yes! Do you want to do it? Sure! When? Just now!


        "The power of education is infinite. We should be the lamplighters to illuminate people around us with our spirit. We’ve seen the pain points of some contemporary people. We should take immediate action to help them. Maybe one of our students will become the next Gandhi?"


        So Linda (the President of HB University) got certified as a coach, and we started the HB University, all of which are fulfilling our original intention.


        This is Bitoner Spirit. In order to achieve our vision, we practice our culture through various ways, such as submitting articles, doing group intranet, promoting fitness culture, setting up social responsibility group so as to output our strength and fulfill our mission to the society. All these are the footprints of our concerted efforts and the milestone of our success.


        Despite the reduction of orders and the downturn of the economic environment, Bitoner people have our own persistence. We still carry out our commitment and mission to our employees. Under the difficult environment, Bitoner people never retreat and encourage each other. Under the test of the external environment, our colleagues actively solve problems and overcome one problem after another.


        So this year's award ceremony got most awards in history, just for us who strive to move forward in difficult circumstances, from good to excellence! More than 50 red envelope awards were sent to us that day!3.jpg5.jpg

          In the past ten years, we have witnessed the changes of the two girls from high spirits when they first came to now untrammelled expressions.

          They practice the mission and vision of growing together with the company and advancing and retreating together with colleagues.

          Their most beautiful decade of life has been blooming in Bitoner. They are in full bloom!

          Thank you, you are the most lovely people!




          We have built the first 15 years conscientiously. In these 15 years, we have a lot of gratitude. We are grateful to ourselvesn. Our simplicity and tenacity have built the brilliance of Bitoner in the past 15 years. We are grateful to meet you in the special 2020.

          In this year, we are very proud. Our sense of mission has given us strength and sense of goal, which has enabled us to make great efforts to move forward towards the end, and our action has enabled us to create one legend after another.


          In the future, we will march forward bravely and pursue our dreams.

          In the future, we will overcome many difficulties and go all the way.

          In the future, we will ride the wind and waves and live up to the distance in our hearts!