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Annual work summary meeting of Bitoner Resin for 2019

Date:2020-01-12 Hits: Author:百色源


          All members of the group summarized and shared the whole work of each company in the morning.


          At the end of the meeting, 10 people were awarded for the cultural contribution, 3 people were awarded for innovation, 7 people were awarded for outstanding individual, and 2 for outstanding manager,for their work throughout the year. 


          Bitoner Resin held the company culture internal publicity conference in the afternoon. After the Vision scenario workshop, through the unremitting efforts of all the company members, the Bitoner’s culture was finally determined to be sorted out and finalized, also explained and shared by the culture team members.


          In the evening, Bitoner Resin held the Annual Dinner party to welcome the new-year 2020. All the members were dressed in style of the early 20th century China, spontaneously performed the "love and hatred" stories of the warlords and the presidential palace.


          During the dinner, the company prepared various games and generous prizes for the members. All members bid farewell to the past year 2019 and welcome the new-year with great happiness, drawing a successful ending to the year 2019.