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2021 HB Group Annual Report -- Cultural Construction

Date:2022-01-07 Hits: Author:百色源


We are very proud of this year. The sense of mission has given us strength, the sense of purpose makes us work hard towards the end and the power of action has allowed us to create one legend after another.

The Covid-19 swept the world, oil prices plummeted to negative numbers, U.S. stocks melted 4 times within 10 days, continued low exchange rates, historical sea shipping rates, etc...

All of this allowed us to witness the great magnificence of the vast waving oceans one half another and the gorgeous mountain views one after another.

2021 is the first year for the implementation of HB Group vision. All the people in HB Group are fast growing and developing.

We checked leakage and fill a vacancy of ourselves and recruited the new talent.

We believe that suffering can't knock us down as it will not last long. The thorns can't make us hold back even though they’re stinging.

HB Group people never forget its original mind and venture the world in brave.

We take all pain and thorns as stepping stones for our growth.

The best gift for us will be the magnificent scenery when standing on the top of the mountain.


The development of HB group in 2021 is divided into three parts: cultural construction, personnel care and social responsibility, which are summarized and publicized to the public as below. 


【January 2021, HB Group Annual Summary & New Year Party】

Meeting was started from Hellen’s speech, all the employee reviewed this unforgettable year by the executives work summary;

Speakers share their growth process in the past year, others feel their ups and downs, witness their transformation and inspired by their stories;

Hear the harvest and perception of new employees and we feel happy for them. 

The establishment of HB group university is a deeper transmission of our vision and mission. All these words and deeds are fulfilling our original intention.



"Youth and Passion, Together to Change the World", the themed red carpet show showcased a variety of different styles, and with a variety of games and raffles to close out the show, a new chapter of 2022 has officially opened.



【April 2021, the 6th HB Group Badminton Competition was held】

Before the competition started, in order to achieve fairness and justice, the president of the association gathered all the judges to explain the rules and unified the rules. After half a day of fierce competition, the three teams finally won the first, second and third place respectively.



【July 2021, HB Group held the Semi-annual summary meeting with theme of “Reviewing the Past, Facing the Present, and Looking into the Future”】

Reviewing the past: We look back at the past fifteen tragic years. 

Facing the Present: We are not afraid to overcome all challenges with difficulty. 

Looking into the future: We are confident in the future, because we have a vision and mission, to become the person I want to be! To have the dreams and everything I want!


【July 2021, principals from Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College visited HB Group to start a new chapter in school-enterprise cooperation】

In the afternoon of July 19th, HB Group welcomed the principals of Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College.

The two sides had a detailed communication on school-enterprise cooperation and the situation of previous graduates, and finally determined the virtual order class, which the core content is to solve the confusion of employment students combined the current social status.



【November 2021, HB Group held the fun swimming game】

For HB Group, swimming game is not a pure sports competition, it is a sports activity where the whole team works hard and cooperates.

Those who are afraid of water and can't swim could also feel the charm of swimming from this activity, and did their best to contribute to the team achievement.


【November 2021, "Work Together to Create the Future" HB Group's 2021 team building activity for all the employees】

On November 27, 2021, all the employees gathered at Laoshan Academy to carry out the theme development activity of "Work Together to Create the Future".

A dry-field curling competition that fully embodied teamwork.

A "simulation business" jigsaw puzzle game pushed this activity to the peak.

A giant painting depicted the future vision in the heart of each person of HB Group.



【December 2021, HB Group won two awards from Qingdao Human Resource Management Association】

Congratulations to the HB Group for winning the best Human Resource Management and Service Practice Project of 2021—LMI Leadership development curriculum project practice. 

Congratulations to Linda of HB Group University, for being awarded the 2021 Human Resource Service Unit Outstanding Individual.

HB Group has launched 4 batches of leadership development courses to help employees achieve personal growth through the whole year of 2021.

In the future, we will continue to move forward, and vow to put the personal growth of employees in the first place and help them realize their personal dreams