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Pick up a little rubbish, Eliminate a little pollution

Date:2021-02-02 Hits: Author:百色源


        2020 is an extraordinary year. At the beginning of this year, the outbreak of a large-scale epidemic in China made everyone worried. In the state of shortage of domestic medical materials, all members of the group spontaneously donated money, and purchased a batch of medical materials from overseas colleagues, and then rushed to Wuhan to replenish ammunition for front-line comrades. With the joint efforts of the people all over the country, the domestic epidemic has gradually improved. The large-scale outbreak abroad has made our customers fall into a state of shortage of medical materials. After knowing the details, the group spontaneously purchased a large number of medical materials from China and donated them to our customers. Our strength may be insignificant, but everyone is united by this matter. It is a mission, a powerful mission. I think this is the rudiment of the group's social responsibility group.



        Bitoner social responsibility Group officially established

        On September 5, 2020, a total of 11 members and 3 employees' family members signed up to participate in the activity through the internal registration. Environmental protection is the most basic thing that everyone can do. Considering that there is no special person to clean Fushan, and the flow of people who usually go up to get water is relatively large, the first phase of the activity is located in Fushan.


        At 7:30 am, everyone arrived including the members who lived in Chengyang and Huangdao district ,then distribute the tools. Two peoples each group , someone pick up garbage such as the scraps of paper, bottles, masks and butt, all of the garbage was collected and was put in the place nominated for garbage collection on the middle way to the mountain. Although the youngest one is only four and half years old, everyone was very serious  and even pick up the rubbish by hand without thinking that it is dirty.


        When we went down the mountain , we noticed that both sides of the road we walked by were clean, green grass was full of life. In such pretty natural oxygen bar,we do not only pick up garbage to clean the environment , but also  it is a good way for  relaxation and purification of the soul. Everyone is confidant that we need to do every tiny things around us to do some contribution. Not only we ourselves could enjoy the beautiful natural, but also our generation could bathe in the pretty environment.



        The establishment of the social responsibility group is just the beginning, but we won’t stop. In order to build our happy and beautiful homelandcome on!