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Playing Badminton with you

Date:2021-02-02 Hits: Author:百色源


        There are two sports activities in Bitoner group, swimming and badminton, which are always accompanied by us. On normal weekdays, we are vigorous and resolute in our work. On sports, we are also actively involved.

        Every week, we spontaneously organize playing badminton and swimming. We are the team who focus on work during work time and play in casual time

        Our colleagues gathered in the stadium and started the 5th Bitoner badminton competition with topic “Playing Badminton with you” at 8:00 a.m on September 19. The referees arrived 15 minutes in advance to confirm the attention matters and earnestly assisted us to complete each game.1.jpg

        Badminton competition is divided into three rounds. In the first round, we randomly select each group’s opponent by drawing lots . One group directly and luckily  entered the next round of competition if they didn’t select the opponent . The other eight groups strove for the promotion quota . At the same time, the last two groups comes out as well. We show our thanks to the colleagues who was fined due to bad goals .Wish they can achieve good results in the coming year and strive to win rich bonus to exchange for new equipment.


        We finally came to the semi-finals after two rounds of fierce competition, and the semi-finals changed to 15-Point system of wheel race with four rounds for each competition. Therefore, everyone's physical strength and willpower  were tested  during the wheel race. However, I still remembered that after the second round, I asked Effy whether she needed for a rest, while she asked for continuous competition without rest .


        For this competition,the partners on weekdays is to strengthen the practice and exercise,

        Everyone’s competitive spirit seems to have been inspired. After an hour of competition,our colleagues from the operation department finally won the third place.The technical department won the second place; Three female from the sales department won the champion, females are more excellent than male colleagues!2.jpg

        This year’s competition starts with an impressive first-round match, when Sales Department in the first round fight against HR, skills,strength,and teamwork are all shown incisively and vividly. The badminton association president who was recognized as No.1 publicly was unexpectedly passed out  in the first round,and he was eliminated by the dark horse Linda and Bob. In the second round  everyone was expecting the performance of the dark horse group, but they were directly kicked out by the strong opponent because of their strategic problem

This is the charm of the competition that have so many unexpected things,but everyone is trying to play every game without regret.


        Come on Bitoner ! See you next year .