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The mountains and seas we experienced

Date:2019-02-06 Hits: Author:异族科技


      In February 2018, all Staff of BITONER Group went to the beautiful Island of Sabah.


      In 2018, ORIDA and Shanghai BITONER went to Anji experiencing drifting together, Shanghai BITONER enjoyed a trip of Qiandao Lake after that.


      In July 2018, the Leadership Summary Report meeting of BITONER Group was held at Quanji Hotel in Qinghai.

      We walked through the Taer Temple with strong religious beliefs, crossed the mountains of 3,700 meters above sea level, and laughed at the Qinghai Lakeside, and walked into the Chaka Salt Lake hand by hand.


       In July 2018, outstanding employees of Bitoner Group had a great time in the Island of Bohol in Cebu.

      Everyone enjoyed the shock of the beautiful scenery of snorkeling


      In December 2018, all staff of Qingdao Bater Chemical Co., Ltd., with the support of the general manager, went to Harbin which is a beautiful ice and snow world.


      The delicious Iron Pot Stew, the lively Central Street, and the beautiful world of ice and snow let us experience the enthusiasm of the Northeast.


      In December 2018, BITONER Group enjoyed a wonderful trip of Philippines again.



      In January 2019, the general manager joined hands with employees who worked in Bitoner for more than 10 years to enjoy a trip in beautiful Japan skiing and once again breaking through themselves.



      In January 2019, the Bitoner Group’s Leadership Summary Report meeting was held in Changbai Mountain.


      During the meeting, everyone reviewed the work for the past year. On the second day, everyone broke through themselves and learned to ski.



      Yesterday's success does not mean that it will always be successful in the future.

      The only constant thing is that Bitoner people is under changing.

      In 2019, we are ready to go further, and continue to strive for a better tomorrow!