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2018 Bitoner Resin Swimming Match

Date:2018-07-20 Hits: Author:百色源


           The Mid-year swimming match of Bitoner Resin was held at Huaxi Hotel JiMo, Qingdao City on July 20th. Our staffs were divided to two groups : Green-hand group with 100m and Elite group with 200m match. 

          It took 2 hrs for the whole match. The winners were awarded by General Manager James Wang.
          Green-hand group with 100m, 1st prize one person, 2nd prize two persons, 3rd prize three persons,Elite group with 200m, 1st prize one person, 2nd prize one person, 3rd prize four persons,Winners will use their prize fund for new swimming ware to welcome next year’s match.
          Green-hand Group:
          Elite group: